Exam Boards and Overseas Music Instituitions

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)
visit this link to know more about ABRSM exams.
Trinity College London
the second most popular exam board

London College of Music

The Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited (ANZCA) Exam Board
For more contemporary music exam options

Music Institutions in Singapore

School of the Arts

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Lasalle College of the Arts

Singapore Raffles Music College

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

Music Shops and Retailers

Yamaha Music School
Sells brand new yamaha pianos

Cristofori Music School
Sells brand new Cristofori pianos as well as other brands, and a wide variety of 2nd hand pianos

Robert Piano
This shop sells brand new Kawai piano as well as other korean and german brands and used pianos. They also carry Steinway and Bosendofer pianos. This is also the music school to go to to register for Trinity College London exams.

Gramecy Music School
This shop specialises in strings rather than piano. But they do carry certain brands of piano like Wilhelm Tell

This shop also specialises in strings, but the also sell Reuben piano

Music Essentials
This shop also specialises in strings, but this is the shop to go to if you are looking for music books and publications (especially diploma level scores) not found in regular stores.

Piano Master
This shop carries brands like Atlas, Hailun and Petrof, but they also sell 2nd hand pianos

Chiu Piano
This is the shop to look for if you want to buy high-end german brand pianos

Renner Piano
This is the shop to go to for cheap piano books and accessories. They also carry certain brands of piano like Ellington and Steinberg & Song and also used pianos.

Online Music Retailers

Music Learning Resources

Music Games for Children
There are actually more music games available for iPad and Andriod nowadays, so I’m going to do an article on that soon. So do follow this site for more to come!

Music Theory Learning Resources
Ricci Adams’ – a great site to learn music theory and ear training.
Another music theory blog site.

Sheet Music Download

Musicians’ Networks and Resources

Singapore Music Teachers Association

Sound Junction

Inside Music Teaching

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