ABRSM Marking Criteria

The following tables illustrates the basis of marking within the board result bands. Each piece will be assessed independently using the principle of marking from the required pass mark negatively or positively, rather than awarding marks by deduction from the maximum or addition from zero. In awarding marks, examiners will balance the extent to which the cumulative qualities and abilities listed below are demonstrated and contribute towards the overall result.

For Pieces

Pieces MC 2014

For Scales, Sight-reading and Aural

Supporting MC 2014





Recent Posts

Annual Concert 2013


Title: Annual Concert 2013 – Kaleidoscope
Venue: At your home / At teacher’s studio.
All videos to be uploaded to https://www.facebook.com/mypianoteachersg
Deadline for video submission: End of August (tentative)
Deadline for video voting: End of September(tentative)
Beginner (for those who have yet to take grade 1 exam)
Junior (grade 1-3)
Intermediate (grade 4-5)
Senior (grade 6-8)
Open (For all students) – most popular video according to the number of likes on facebook
Beginner, Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories will be judged according to how well you play. Open category will be judged according to the number of ‘likes’ for your video posted in my facebook page. So, for those who think that you may not be talented enough, you still have a chance to win! Just get as many people as you can to ‘like’ your video. One prize will be given to each category. I will be announcing the winners by end of September.
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