Minghui (Phoebe) is a full-time piano teacher based in Singapore and has been teaching piano since 2003.  Her musical journey started from a very young age, but she only picked up piano as a late beginner. She picked up violin at the age of 6, and keyboard at the age of 10, but decided that piano is what she really wants, after being mesmerised by a recording of lounge pianist Jimmy Chan’s playing. After much persuasion, her parents finally relented and let her start piano lessons at age 11.

Phoebe has her fair share of struggles in learning piano. As she has been playing by ear before starting formal lessons, she has much difficulty learning sight-reading and adjusting from playing by improvisation to classical piano, as the latter is more technically difficult. However, her love of music allowed her to overcome obstacles in learning and persistence allowed her to achieve merits and distinctions in most of her ABRSM piano and theory exams. She is also extremely grateful to her piano teachers Mr Law Wai Lun (composer in residence of SCO) and Mr Arkadiusz Bialak (former Lasalle teacher) for their guidance.

After her graded exams, Phoebe went on to pursue an Associate Diploma in Recital in Solo Piano (ATCL) from Trinity College London while still pursuing her bachelor degree in business and an Associate Diploma in Music Pedagogy (Class II) from Seimpi School of Music after graduation from university. To broaden her musical experience, she also joined the SMU string ensemble (Obligato) as a 2nd violinist during her undergraduate years.

Phoebe has since attained a Licentiate Diploma in Recital in Solo Piano (LTCL) from Trinity College London. Besides teaching and preparing for lessons, Phoebe also attends workshops, seminars, masterclasses and concerts to ensure continued music learning and growth.

A dedicated and committed music teacher, Phoebe hopes to nurture students to not only obtain the skills and technique in piano playing, but also to develop a passion in music that can last a lifetime. Besides leading students to achieve merits and distinctions in their piano exams, Phoebe also organises student concerts every 1-2 years to allow students to hone their performing skills and for students to learn from one another.

Phoebe’s Music Credentials

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