Annual Concert 2018 (videos)

This year, only videos of the winners will be featured. Please scroll down for the grading results of all students.

Category A: Beginner – Grade 1

Yeoh Yi Jie plays ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (duet with teacher)

Category B: Grade 2-3

Winner 1: Foo Ken Lu plays ‘Spinning Song’

Winner 2: Dawn Ng plays ‘Close to You

Category C: Grade 4-5

Winner 1: Cheryl Foong plays ‘Etude Op. 10 no. 3 (Theme)’

Winner 2: Charlotte Kwan plays ‘A Town with an Ocean View’

Category D: Grade 6-8

Winner 1: Foo Ken Shiin plays ‘Moonlight Sonata (1st mvt)’

Winner 2: Zachariah Peh plays ‘Allegro Assai’ by Clementi

Grading results of all performers




Category A: Grade 0-1 (Beginner)

1.    Kendra Cheng Casper the Friendly Ghost Bronze
2.     Shyanne Yeo Do-Re-Mi Bronze
3.    Yeoh Yi Jie Beauty and the Beast Gold
4.    Nicole Tan Bouncing Billy, Asian Tiger Prowl Silver

Category B: Grade 2-3 (Junior)

5.     Jermaine Wong Heart and Soul Silver
6.    Foo Ken Lu Spinning Song Gold
7.    Keira Yeo Cruella de Vil Credit
8.    Felicia Chua Jurassic Park Theme Credit
9.    Alexis Tan Canon in D Silver
10. Lin Zhuo Liang My Heart will Go On Silver
11. Gu Tingyuan Let it go, Allegro from Eine Kline Natchmusik Credit
12. Meredithe Peh Polnisches Lied Gold
13. Nuryn Alysha Sarbene Can You Feel the Love Tonight Silver
14. Nur Sorfina Shahfiran The Swan Silver
15. Dawn Ng Close to You Gold

Category C: Grade 4-5 (Intermediate)

16. Cheryl Foong Etude Op. 10 no. 3 (Theme) Gold
17. Charlotte Kwan A Town with an Ocean View, Waltz in A Gold

Category D: Grade 6-8 (Advanced)

18. Foo Ken Shiin Moonlight Sonata (1st mvt) Gold
19. Maisy Chua Rondo from Sonata in C by Mozart Silver
20. Yeo Xuan Wen Valse Lente Bronze
21. Zachariah Peh Allegro Assai by Clementi Gold
22. Frederick Low Sonata in F minor by Beethoven Silver