The table below consists of the fees that I charge for each grade/level/duration from 2017 onwards



Terms and Conditions

  • As I have already relocated to Sengkang, I will only be taking in new students in Sengkang. New students grade 6 and above at Tampines are welcome. Existing students may still continue lessons at Tampines location. Here is my schedule for both locations:
    • Sengkang: Mon, Tue, Fri, Sun
    • Tampines: Wed, Thur, Sat,
  • Please note that due to my busy schedule and family commitments, I only teach at my place and do not travel to student’s place to teach.
  • Fees stated above are for 4 lessons a month, 1 lesson per week at my placeClick here to check my location. If there is any 5th week, there will either be no lessons or used to replace any lessons missed. Students can also choose to have lesson on 5th week as an extra lesson. I will only allow pro-rated payments if I am unable to replace any lesson missed. It is the student’s responsibility to remember to come for lessons. No-shows will be counted as 1 lesson each.
  • Fees are payable every 1st of 4 lessons or beginning of the month. For extra lessons, fees can be payable at the end of the month. Payment can be made by cash, cheque (made payable to Lin Minghui) or bank transfer (please indicate the child’s name in the transfer).
  • To be fair to all students, all fees are non-negotiable. Fees are only refundable if lesson is cancelled by the teacher, or due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. hospitalisation). Otherwise students are expected to complete or replace all lessons.
  • If there is a discrepancy between theory and practical grades, fee charged will be according to the practical grade for grades 1-5 and according to whichever grade is higher (practical or theory) for grade 6-8, unless the student is taking separate lessons for practical and theory. For example, if a student is at grade 2 for practical and grade 3 for theory, grade 2 fees will be charged. If a student is at grade 6 practical and grade 7 theory, grade 7 fees will be charged.
  • If there is any skip in grades, fees for the respective grade that the student is doing will be charged accordingly, whether or not the student has taken the exam for the previous grade. For example, if the student skips from grade 3 to grade 5, fees for grade 5 will be charged as soon as the student starts on grade 5 repertoire, regardless of whether he has taken grade 4 or not.
  • Please note that I do not teach on weekend nights (Sat and Sun after 7pm). For those who want to take a weekend slot, please understand that due to my busy schedule, you may not get a particular timing that you prefer. Also, all peak hour slots (weekends and weekdays after 6pm) are reserved for school children (16 or below) or advanced levels (grade 6-8, any age). Students who are not able to practice frequently (at least once in 2-3 days) and/or attend lessons regularly are not advised to take peak hour slots.
  • I only teach half-day during public holidays if the student’s lesson falls on a public holiday and is unable to reschedule his lesson to other days. If the public holiday falls on a weekend, I will let you know if there is a break on a weekend or the following weekday. For slots available on public holidays, priority will be given to students whose lesson falls on that day. If your lesson does not fall on a public holiday, please refrain from rescheduling your lesson to a public holiday as I also need to rest and spend time with my family.
  • All lessons will commence and end at the scheduled timing. Please note that due to my busy schedule, I may not be able to replace the time missed if you were late, especially if your lesson is at a peak hour (weekday nights/weekends).
  • Students are allowed to cancel or postpone lessons (for valid reasons), and are allowed exam breaks or holidays up to 5 weeks a year. Any more lessons missed (with notice) are to be replaced. Students who are unable to attend lessons regularly will be shifted to an off-peak hour slot (weekday morning to afternoon) or dismissed. Please give me ample notice if you need to cancel or postpone lessons. Last minute notices (less than 1 day) without valid reason will be considered as one lesson. Lesson will be forfeited if the student do not turn up for no reason.
  • To ensure a steady progress, all lessons missed (with notice) should be replaced subject to my available timing. Lessons missed without notice will be considered as 1 lesson each.
  • For long breaks or termination of lessons, please inform me at least one month in advance. Please note that for breaks longer than 1 month, I may not be able to guarantee that I can keep your slot for you.
  • Please note that I DO NOT take in students who have no instruments at home to practice. All students are required to have at least a digital piano with weighted keys, and students who are taking exams are required to have at least an acoustic upright piano at home for practice.  For young beginners 5 years and below I can allow for digital keyboard but you have to upgrade to at least a digital piano one year before you take any exams. Those who have digital pianos and are taking graded exams should upgrade to an acoustic upright piano latest by grade 3-4. Not having a piano at home for practice will only slow down your progress significantly.
  • For those who wish to have a trial lesson before you commence lesson, I am happy to offer you a free 20-30 minute trial / assessment / audition.

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