Piano Studio Rental

For those who want to rent a studio or a grand piano for practice, my studio is available for rent during the hours that I’m not teaching. I have 2 pianos, a Schimmel 188I grand and a Weber 121 upright piano. Both instruments are only available for rental at my Sengkang studio.

Grand piano:
Model: Schimmel 188 international Ideal for practice for diploma level, competitions or entry into conservatory.
*Do note that this piano is actually at the corner of my living room as a grand piano of this size would only suit the living room’s acoustics. I will be inside one of the rooms during the rental period. 
**Also note that this room is not sound-proof. To soundproof a room completely would cost almost as much as the piano and I will not be able to charge at this rate. I do, however, close the doors, windows and curtains to minimize external noises, and disable the doorbell. If this is your concern, do click here to watch the video to see if the level of white noise is acceptable to you. 
Rental fee: $50/hr weekdays, $60/hr weekends, public holidays and eves of major public holidays.


Upright piano:
Model: Weber W121, fitted with Genio silent system for practicing with headphones Rental fee: $25/hr weekdays, $30/hr weekends, public holidays and eves of major public holidays

Extra equipment/facilities available for free

  • Wifi
  • music stand
  • Tripod for handphone
  • pedal extender for young children
  • all rooms are fitted with air-con
  • Max 3 adults allowed for grand piano and 2 adults for upright piano studio. (or 2 children = 1 adult)

Availability: (for both instruments)
Weekday morning to early afternoon – most timings available
Weekday mid/late afternoon to evening/night – limited slots available
Saturday – most timings available
Sunday – limited slots available
*During heightened alert period with 2 person limit per household – NOT available
*Please whatsapp/call 93850375 to enquire on the exact available timing. Do note that I may not be able to pick up calls and my reply may be slow during the time that I’m teaching – weekday mid-afternoon to night and weekends. 

I do not accept last minute bookings. Please book at least 2 days in advance.
Payment by cash / Paylah / Paynow. You can pay on the day of rental but before commencing.
**feel free to whatsapp me at 93850375 for more enquires
**For video recordings of the grand piano, click here

Click here for location.
Click here on how to get there.

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