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1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. Miss Lin has been my piano teacher for 4 years. Under her guidance, I have grown from an amateur to someone who can play the piano with skill and passion.

    Being a dedicated teacher, she always finds extra materials and notes for her students to brush up their skills. For my theory exam a few years back, she printed countless practice papers and went through every mistake that I made to ensure that I have understood what I have learnt.Her patience and willingness to teach also perfects any flaws in me. Even when it seems hopeless to pick up a new technique of playing, she never doubts her students’ capabilties. As a reasonable teacher, she will not admonish her students for any late submission of homework or mistake in playing if there is a valid reason. She does not see weaknesses of her students as a burden to her, but rather takes the opportunity to nurture her students into a better musician.

    In addition, Miss Lin constantly explores ways to maximise her students’ fullest potential. She holds an annual concert to boost her students’ confidence, a must-have virtue for everyone in today’s rapidly changing environment. To deepen her students’ interest in music, she encourages them to learn new pieces they like during their free time and to consult her if they face any difficulties. To motivate them even further, she acknowledges their excellent performance or improvement through gifts.

    The fact that I have never changed my piano teacher epitomizes my love and passion for her lessons. Stephen Hawking once said ‘Quiet people have the loudest minds.’ Though she is soft-spoken, she is definitely a knowledgeable teacher who provides insights into music. Indeed, she ‘nurture(s) students to not only obtain the skills and technique in piano playing, but also to develop a passion in music that can last a lifetime’.

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