Annual Concert 2011 (videos)

Featured Performances

Alphonsus plays ‘Menuet in F’

Michelle Couper plays ‘Cool Daddy’

Xinyi and Xinru plays ‘Faraway’

Fu Nairen plays ‘Fur Elise’

Carmen plays ‘Elegie’

All Performances

  1. Sarah plays ‘The Bells Are Ringing’ and ‘The Ballet Dancer’
  2. Teri plays ‘The Singing Donkey’ and ‘Music Box Rock’
  3. Jinyang plays ‘Evening Song’
  4. Jason plays ‘Gavotta’
  5. Rick plays ‘Minuet’
  6. Yupin plays ‘Russian Waltz’
  7. Eugene plays ‘Gavotta’ and ‘Vampire Blues’
  8. Jinhong plays ‘The Blue Danube’
  9. Alphonsus plays ‘Menuet in F’
  10. Michelle Couper plays ‘Cool Daddy’
  11. Ethan Sim plays ‘Tarantalla and Lullaby’
  12. Michelle Wong plays ‘Bah-ba-doo-bah’
  13. Rachel plays ‘New World Symphony’
  14. Daryl plays ‘Military Minuet’ and ‘Wedding March’
  15. Kendrick plays ‘The Sandman’
  16. Xinyi and Xinru plays ‘Faraway’
  17. Licia plays ‘Sad Song’
  18. Fu Nairen plays ‘Fur Elise’
  19. Carmen plays ‘Elegie’

Special / Guest Performances

Special performance by Joshua – Improvisations

Special performance by Teacher – Nocturne in D flat Major by Chopin

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