Annual Concert 2015


Annual Concert 2015

And here are the videos of the winners:

Category A: Beginner – Grade 1
Ng Kean Woon plays ‘Meet the Family’ and ‘Two Jumping Frogs’

Category B: Grade 2-3
Foo Ken Shiin plays ‘The Moth’ and ‘Strawberry Flip’

Category C: Grade 4-5
Michelle Wong plays ‘A Thousand Years’

Category D: Grade 6-8
Tai Lixuan plays ‘Sonata in F’ by Scarlatti

For videos of other performers, please click on these links provided

Category A: Beginner – Grade 1
1) Keira Yeo –  It’s a Small World
2) Jermaine Wong –  I’m Popeye the Sailor Man
3) Alexis Tan – Mary had a little lamb, Eensie Weensie Spider
4) Nandita Junu Nair – Edelwiss
5) Megan Leong – My Heart will Go on
6) Gu Tingyuan – Mickey Mouse March (1st Runner up)
7) Foo Ken Lu – Puff the Magic Dragon (2nd Runner up)
8) Sim Kye Yue – Lullaby (2nd Runner up)
9) Ng Kean Woon – Meet the Family, Two Jumping Frogs (Winner)
10) Quek Yu Qin – Lovet Faller, Calypso Joe

Category B: Grade 2-3
11) Caden Lee – Vampire Blues
12) Shannen Leong – A Whole New World
13) Andrea Lim – Xiong Mao
14) Esther Lau – Prelude (2nd Runner up)
15) Joshua Lau – I’m an Old Cowhand (1st Runner up)
16) Bernice Yang – Cotton Reel
17) Ng Jin Yong – Cantabile (2nd Runner up)
18) Foo Ken Shiin – The Moth,Strawberry Flip (Winner)

Category C: Grade 4-5
19) Quek Yu Pin – Bourree
20) Malavika Jinu Nair – Part of Your World
21) Yeo Xuan Wen – Tonight, I Celebrate My Love (2nd Runner up)
22) Isaac Lee – Turkish March, Mission: Impossible Theme (2nd Runner up)
23) Maisy Chua – Marriage d’ Amour (1st Runner up)
24) Michelle Wong – A Thousand Years (Winner)
25) Yeo Xuan Han – Adelita (2nd Runner up)

Category D: Grade 6-8
26) Licia Chua – Over the Rainbow
27) Fu Nairen – Eyes on Me (1st Runner up)
28) Yeo Wan Li – Erster Schmerz, Over the Rainbow (2nd Runner up)
29) Tai Lixuan – Sonata in F minor (Winner)


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