Exam Rescheduling


ABRSM Examiners and Public Studios are booked according to the number of overall entries for the entire practical session and as our scheduling is done back to back, rescheduling is virtually impossible unless a candidate who has the same examining time withdraws or requests to reschedule too. In other words, a Grade 8 Candidate wishing to reschedule cannot take over the slot of a Grade 2 Candidate who has withdrawn.

Scheduling is taken care of by a customised software developed by ABRSM. While we would like to accede to everyone’s requests, this is not possible due to the availability of Examiners as well as studios. The software has been developed to maximize resources by filling every slot, 5 days a week, Mondays to Fridays from 0900hrs to 1715hrs. The option to request for a particular month on the entry form was to avoid a clash with other fixed appointments such as school examinations, work postings, or commitments etc., rather than to bide for more practice time.

If though, due to unforeseen circumstances, an unpredictable clash occurs with the alloted examination time slot given, here are some conditions and points for consideration for candidates wishing to reschedule:-

1. All requests to reschedule must be done in writing by the APPLICANT ONLY (please indicate Applicant Number) and mailed, emailed or faxed to:-

Singapore Symponia Co. Ltd
11 Empress Place, Victoria Concert Hall
3rd Storey, Music Exams Office
Singapore 179558
Fax : 6334 3507
Email: Ms Mary Lim at mlim_sg@abrsm.ac.uk

2. Letter must be accompanied by an official document indicating the inability to attend. Only ABSOLUTE clashes will be considered for rescheduling.

3. There is no guarantee that an althernative time slot will be available. Once an Applicant writes in to request for rescheduleing, the candidate is automatically giving up their time slot. Candidates WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to hold on to their time slots in the hope of an alternative one. Please do not write in unless you really need to reschedule as the uncertainty of a new exam time slot can be rather stressful for candidates, teachers and parents. If you do, please include you understanding that the original time slot is being given up.

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